10 Interesting Place In Medan Who Can Explored

Medan is the capital of North Sumatra, Indonesia. The third largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta and Surabaya, as well as the largest city outside of Java Island. Medan is the gateway to the western part of Indonesia with the presence of Belawan and Kuala Namu International Airport which is the second largest airport in Indonesia. Access from the city center to the airport is equipped with highways and trains. Medan is the first city in Indonesia to integrate the airport by train. Bordering the Malacca Strait makes Medan to commerce, industry, and business in Indonesia

Like other big cities, as well as the center of government and trade, Medan is also often a tourist destination for the people of Indonesia. A city that combines modern and colonial culture has many tourist spots that you love to miss. Here are 10 reviews of attractions in Medan that you must visit.

10 Interesting Place In Medan Who Can Be Explored

1. Hillpark Sibolangit Playground

Hillpark Sibolangit Playground
Hillpark Sibolangit Playground
We are recommended you to visit Hillpark Sibolangit if you travel to Medan city. While Hillpark Sibolangit is a theme park located in Sibolangit and claimed to be the largest on the island of Sumatra. Divided into 3 major themes namely Lost City, Toon town, and Heritage. The rides include Roller Coaster, Ferries Wheel, 4D theater, and 1,200 amphitheaters for performances and concerts.

If seen, the Park Hill playground in Sibolangit is similar to Dufan in Jakarta, or with Trans Studio in Makassar and Bandung. But unlike Dufan, HillPark is still smaller. It named HillPark because of its own location in the mountains Sibolangit, where travel time about one hour by car from Medan. His name is also in the mountains, do not be surprised if the road winding.

Hillpark Sibolangit is the largest playground in Medan. The concept raised is actually similar to the concept of Dufan or Trans Studio. You can enjoy rides ranging from roller coasters, ferries wheel (4 wheel drive), 4D theater, the amphitheater with a capacity of 1200 people for performances and concerts.

In addition, the condition of the playground is quite clean and has a cool air. Unfortunately, Hillpark Sibolangit is only open on Saturdays, Sundays, and during national holidays. This playground is perfect for spending vacation time with family. You only need to pay 45.000 Rupiah fee.

2. Graha Santa Maria Velangkanni

Graha Santa Maria Velangkani
Graha Santa Maria Velangkani
If you are looking for a spiritual destination, this place is a great place to visit. Graha Santa Maria Velangkani is located at Jalan Sakura III number 7-10 Tanjung Selamat, Medan Tuntungan Sub-district. The shape looks like a Hindu temple, but it is a Catholic church. Because of the splendor of this church building, not a few tourists who visit here just to immortalize photos.

This church was built by Pastor James Bharataputra S.J. In 2001 and later inaugurated in 2005. The unique of this church is the Indo-Mogul architecture whose ornamentation is done in accordance with the meaning of scripture. There is no retribution fee to visit this church, you will only be charged vehicle parking fee.

3. Masjid Raya Al-Mashun Medan

Masjid Raya Al-Mashun better known as the Great Mosque of Medan is located at Jalan Sisingamangaraja Number 718, Medan. The mosque, located in the heart of Medan, was built on August 21, 1906. It's building style is a mixture of Morocco, Europe, Malay, and the Middle East.

The building of this mosque is so unique with an octagonal rectangular design and has four main porches on the front, rear, and left and right sides. The mosque's dome is rectangular with a crescent moon decoration at the end of its roof. In addition, the walls have floral decorations painted with oil paint.

4. Museum of North Sumatra

Museum of North Sumatra is located at Jalan H.M Jhoni Number 51, Medan. This museum is the largest museum in North Sumatra which has various types of the historical and cultural heritage of North Sumatra. The museum which stands on an area of 10,468 square meters consists of two floors divided into several rooms, namely the fixed exhibition space, temporary exhibition space, audio visual space, and others.

The Museum of North Sumatra has 6,799 collections consisting of typical Sumatran animals, prehistoric life diorama, Hindu - Buddhist relics, and other historical relics.

5. Maimun Palace

Maimun Palace is located at Jalan Brigjen Katamso, Sukaraja Sub-district. Maimun Palace was built by Sultan Deli, namely Sultan Mahmud Al Rashid in 1888 and completed in 1891.

Built with Italian-style architectural design, the 2,777 square meter palace consists of two floors and is divided into three main buildings, left-wing buildings as well as the right wing. There are at least 30 rooms in a palace with a strong European culture.

6. Asam Kumbang Crocodile Garden

Asam Kumbang Crocodile Garden
Asam Kumbang Crocodile Garden
If you want to get a different holiday experience, try to visit the Asam Kumbang Crocodile Garden. This park is the largest crocodile park in Indonesia where there are at least 2,500 crocodiles of various sizes. In addition to the largest crocodile park in Indonesia, crocodile park is also becoming the largest in Southeast Asia.

According to information, this breeding place was initially managed by a family that kept some types of crocodiles in their backyard. Unexpected crocodiles in this breeding more and more as a crocodile breeding place. The location of this crocodile park in Asam Kumbang village.

7. Lake Siombok

Lake Siombak is located in Kelurahan Paya Pasir, Medan Marelan, Medan. Siombak Lake is an artificial lake with an area reaching 40 hectares located between the River Deli and River Falls. Although this lake is an artificial lake, the water is very clear with turquoise color. This is because at the bottom of the lake overgrown with moss and algae.

You can do fishing activities here. Children can also swim in the mini-pool or play in the ball pool. Siombak Lake entrance fee is only 2,000 Rupiah only.

8. Tirtanadi Water Tower

Tirtanadi Water Tower is located at the intersection of Jalan Sisingamangaraja 1, close to Sochi International Hotel. Water Tower is an icon of the city of Medan as well as an important building for the people of Medan because it is a water reservoir.

Built in 1908 by the Dutch, the construction of the Tirtanadi Water Tower is now officially owned by the PDAM. Typical Dutch colonial-style buildings, high reaching 42 meters, and weighing 330 tons, the tower is often visited by many tourists.

9. Medan Post Office

The location of Medan Post Office is directly opposite to Lapangan Merdeka. Medan Post Office is one of the historic buildings still standing today. Medan Post Office was established since 1911 and built by a Dutch architect.

The Post Office has a unique dome with semi-circular windows and a white buffer pole. Overview seen, this post office has a shape like a dove nest. Go to this post office do not forget to bring the camera because it is suitable for place photos.

10. Merdeka Walk

After your day spent tired around Medan. Merdeka Walk or often called MW is one of the culinary attractions in Medan, entertainment, and also the location of hanging out youth Medan. Here there are various types of typical food outlets Medan, western food, and Asian food.

One of the coolest spots in Merdeka Walk is Center Piece, which is a land with lots of shady trees. In the Center, Piece is usually performed band performances, rap, breakers, and other entertainment.

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