7 Traditional Musical Instruments of Aceh, Indonesia

7 Traditional Musical Instruments Aceh, Indonesia - Aceh is the westernmost province of the State of Indonesia. It is also called the Veranda of Mecca. Because Aceh is the entrance and spread of Islam in Indonesia. Among the many cultures in Aceh, traditional musical instruments are one of them. And, to know what are the traditional musical instruments from Aceh, we provide a list of traditional musical instruments from Aceh we take from various sources:

7 Traditional Musical Instruments of Aceh, Indonesia

1. Arbab

Arbab, Traditional Musical Instruments of Aceh
Arbab, Traditional Musical Instruments of Aceh
Arbab is a traditional Acehnese musical instrument made from nature. The musical instrument of this Arbab is made from coconut shell, goat skin, wood, and wire, while the bow is made of wood, rattan or plant fiber. Consisting of 2 parts, namely the parent tool called Arbab and bolt called Go Arbab

Aceh's Traditional musical instruments which are cooled by way of swipes have been developed in Pidie, Aceh Besar, and Aceh Barat. It is estimated that the Arbab instrument was in the Dutch era in Indonesia. Going back, today the Arbab instrument is rare and probably almost extinct from the Veranda of Mecca. The danger if real already extinct. Well, let baseball lost this trace he sightings from Traditional Musical Instruments Arbab:

Arbab musical instruments of his day are commonly played to accompany traditional songs, along with Geundrang / Rapai and a number of other traditional instruments, where Arbab acts as the main instrument of the song carrier. In its tradition, Arbab music is commonly played in public festivities, such as folk entertainments and night markets.

Music Arbab presented to the middle of the audience by two groups, namely musicians and singers. The singer's group consists of two men, in which one of them plays a female character, complete with clothing and dressed up as a woman. The singer who plays the woman is known as Fatimah Abi.

In general, they performed saga songs and humorous songs. Among the saga songs ever performed in the Arbab music show, recorded one of them titled Hikayat Indra Bangsawan. Some literature states that Arbab musical instrument ever lived and developed in Pidie, Aceh Besar, and Aceh Barat. Today, Arbab art is very rare and is expected to start losing its place.

2. Bangsi Alas

Bangsi Alas, Traditional Musical Instruments of Aceh
Bangsi Alas, Traditional Musical Instruments of Aceh
Aceh traditional musical instrument called Bangsi Alas is an instrument of inflatable from bamboo found many found in Alas, Kabupaten Aceh Tenggara. Traditionally Bangsi making is associated with mysticism, that is when people die in villages where Bangsi is made. If anyone is known to have died, ready made Bangsi deliberately washed away in the river. After followed up until Bangsi is taken by the children, then Bangsi who have taken the children were seized again by the maker of the hands of children who took it. Bangsi this is later that will be used as Bangsi melodious voice.

Very little information about Bansi Alas musical instrument, maybe its existence is rare this time. Here is an illustration of Bansi Alas musical instrument:

3. Canang

Canang, Traditional Musical Instruments of Aceh
Canang, Traditional Musical Instruments of Aceh
The Canang is a traditional musical instrument from Aceh that is often found in the community groups of Aceh, Gayo, Tamiang, and Alas. The people of Aceh called it "Canang Trieng", in Tamiang called "Kecapi" and in Alas called "Kecapi Olah".

The Canang is made of brass and resembles a gong. Almost all areas in Aceh have musical instruments and each has different meanings and functions.

Canang functions in general as a herald of traditional dances. Canang also as entertainment for girls who are gathering. Usually played after completing work in the fields or filler of leisure time.

4. Geunderang

Geunderang, Traditional Musical Instruments of Aceh
Geunderang, Traditional Musical Instruments of Aceh
The Geundrang is one of the traditional musical instruments of Aceh which is part of Serune Kalee musical instrument.

The Geundrang is a type of musical instrument that is sounded by being beaten either by hand or by wearing a wooden bat.

The Geundrang is found in Aceh Besar area and also found in coastal areas of Aceh such as Pidie and Aceh Utara. Geundrang function is a tool of tempo complement of traditional music of ethnic Aceh.

5. Serune Kalee

Serune Kalee, Traditional Musical Instruments of Aceh
Serune Kalee, Traditional Musical Instruments of Aceh
Serune Kalee is a traditional Acehnese inflatable instrument is a traditional tool of Asia Music that has been played since antiquity.

The instrument is popular in Pidie, Aceh Utara, Aceh Besar and Aceh Barat areas. The traditional musical instrument of Serune Kalee is usually played in conjunction with Gendrang Rapai and entertainment, dance, reception of honorary guests to the king of the kingdom of the golden age of Aceh Darussalam.

Serune Kalee together with Geundrang and Rapai is a musical instrument since the heyday of Aceh Darussalam Kingdom until now still decorate/color music in the traditional culture of Aceh. This instrument is one instrument like a flute or clarinet, spread in the Malay community.

Serune Kalee's word refers to two different things. The first word, pointing to the traditional Serune brass of Aceh that often plays with Rapai. While Kalee is the name of a village name in Laweung, Pidie.

Musical instruments are not only used by the people of Aceh, but also Minangkabau, Agam, and several other areas in West Sumatra. In fact, this supply distribution reaches Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia. This kind of musical instrument is also found in other coastal areas of Aceh Province and, like Pidie, Aceh Utara, Aceh Besar, Aceh Barat, and by the same name (Burhan Paradise, ed, 1986: 81). Each region that uses this type of music provides various variations in the equipment, so the shape and name also vary. However, among several varieties of serune, there are similarities in the nuances of sound rising, tone barrel, vibration, sound volume, sound dynamics.

Based on existing data, this equipment has existed since the arrival of Islam to Aceh. There are some who say this equipment comes from China (ZH Idris, 1993: 48-49).

At this time the culture in Aceh is also growing rapidly, one of which is art, with a strong Islamic style. Serune Kalee equipment still currently plays an important role in various performing arts, in various ceremonies, and other events of Kalee Serune music games. Has entertained the people of Aceh from the past until now.

6. Taktok Trieng

Taktok, Traditional Musical Instruments of Aceh
Taktok Trieng,
Traditional Musical Instruments of Aceh
Taktok Trieng a kind of tool made of bamboo. This tool is found in the district of Pidie, Aceh Besar, and several other districts. Taktok Trieng is known to have two types: one used in Meunasah (langgar-langgar), meeting hall and in other places that are considered reasonable to be placed this tool. And the type used in the fields serves to repel birds or other insects that threaten rice plants. This type is usually placed in the middle of rice fields and connected with the rope to the loom (shack where waiting for rice in the fields).

7. Rapai

Rapai, Traditional Musical Instruments of Aceh
Rapai, Traditional Musical Instruments of Aceh
Rapai traditional music instrument is a musical instrument that sounded by beating. According to Z.H Idris, this Rapai musical instrument originated from Baghdad (Iraq) and was taken to Aceh by an Islamic broadcaster named Syeh Rapi.

In the show, this instrument is played by 8 to 12 players called crew. This music instrument serves to regulate the tempo and the rhythms of the rhythm with Serune Kalee and buloh perindu.

This musical instrument is usually played on various occasions such as during the night market, wedding ceremony, birthday, accompanying dances, commemorate certain days and other events. However, in addition to being played singly, this instrument can also be combined with other musical instruments.

Rapai is shaped like a pot or pot with a variety of sizes. At the top of the cover is covered with skin, while the bottom is empty.

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