7 Typical Foods are tasty in Medan, Indonesia

Indonesia consists of thousands of Islands and culture. Surely it has a diversity of cuisine or specialties in the region. For example, the terrain of this area also has some delicious specialties and invites the appetite.

According to some people, when we get to a place and have yet to taste the specialties that exist in those places then not complete our journey.

This time we will give you information about the specialties that are in Medan, North Sumatra. Hopefully with this writing can be a consideration for you while visiting there.

7 Typical Foods are tasty in Medan, Indonesia

Bolu Meranti

Bolu Meranti - Typical Foods in Medan
Bolu Meranti - Typical Foods in Medan, Indonesia
Other specialties that you can try when visiting Medan city is Bolu Meranti.

What's the difference with the other Sponge?

Bolu Meranti this had typical taste. Although its shape is similar the cake from Surabaya, but the flavor of the Bolu Meranti is different from the others.

Bolu Meranti from Medan has a variety of flavors that you can try. There is a sense of nuts, cheese, pineapple, strawberry, and mocha. In fact, if you want a savory flavor sponge, there was also chicken and mince.

If you are visiting the Battlefield and confused want to bring souvenirs, please bring the Bolu Meranti. Many travelers who made this meal as a gift shop. The price is quite affordable which is about Rp. 60,000 (about $ 5).

Bika Ambon

Bika Ambon - Typical Foods in Medan
Bika Ambon - Typical Foods in Medan, Indonesia
Many people thought the Bika Ambon it's originally from Ambon, Maluku. In fact, this is one of the foods typical in Medan. But why his name is Bika Ambon? We do not yet know why this is so.

Bika Ambon cake is yellow and its surface small holes. Bika Ambon more delicious if served while still warm.

In the packed when it was cold, too, but more delicious when still warm. For those of you that are curious to taste when in Medan, please search for ask about "Bika Ambon".

Kue Lapis Medan

Kue Lapis Medan - Typical Foods in Medan, Indonesia
Kue Lapis Medan - Typical Foods in Medan, Indonesia
In Indonesia, Kue Lapis are familiar. There are some areas which can also make this type of cake. But in terms of the different flavours with Kue Lapis that is in Medan.

Kue Lapis in Medan is made of glutinous rice wrapped in a banana leaf and shaped like a triangle with Cook, then on the way in steamed.

In this Kue Lapis, served in flush with coconut milk and brown sugar. This is what distinguishes between Kue Lapis that is in the Medan with other areas in Indonesia.

Pancake Durian

Pancake Durian - Typical Foods in Medan, Indonesia
Pancake Durian - Typical Foods in Medan, Indonesia
Called Durian Pancakes because this food is made from a fruit called durian. Durian Pancake leather made from wheat flour dough. In the dough filled with meat durian which give a sense of the typical.

Pancake has been found in Indonesia but with a kind of Pancake Durian may only found in Medan. For you who visit to Medan, please sample this unique cake.

To buy it in Medan, You can find it on: 
  1. Jl. HM Yamin No. 121 (cafedurianmaidanii). 
  2. Jl. Mojopahit No. 80f (bika Ambon Etty) 
  3. Jl. Kruing No. 8A. (Manisan Jambu Madu 
  4. MERDEKA WALK di (Outlet Teribajak) near the Pizza Hut
  5. Jl. Arteri Kulanamu No. 560. (MALINDA Store)
  6. Go-food gojek web: maidaniipancakedurian.com

Ikan Teri Medan

Ikan Teri Medan - Typical Foods in Medan, Indonesia
Ikan Teri Medan - Typical Foods in Medan, Indonesia
Like other Anchovy, Ikan Teri Medan is made from small fish. The hallmark of Ikan Teri Medan is a clear white color.

Processing Ikan Teri Medan is usually mixed with sauce and beans. It feels good to make us prefer this food.

According to some studies, the anchovy has a very high calcium content so it is very well given to children who are still in the growth stage.

For those of you who want to make souvenirs, Ikan Teri Medan is also available in the form of a safe and durable package.

Manisan Jambu

Manisan Jambu - Typical Foods in Medan, Indonesia
Manisan Jambu - Typical Foods in Medan, Indonesia
Medan's last typical food is Manisan Jambu. Made from guava juice. The fresh taste makes your atmosphere fresh too. Unfortunately, Manisan Jambu can only last up to 3 (three) days.

Kacang Sihobuk

The next food is Kacang Sihobuk. This food is a kind of snack that made from nuts. These foods can go with you while relaxing, watching television. When you bring Kacang Sihobuk as souvenir, it will be very interesting for your family.

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