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This page will explain the content of the blog so that it can give a brief overview of the goals, objectives and a brief description of the contents to the readers of this blog . 
This blog contains information about the diversity of cultures in Indonesia, which is in the discussion associated with various aspects , but which became the main base is the culture itself. We as an admin on the blog is an Indonesian citizen who also lived in Indonesia . 
Our discussion on this blog also provides information about the various places (island) in Indonesia, because Indonesia is a country with the largest island that is unique to that deserves attention . To know the Indonesian region , the following map which you can use ::

In this blog I will introduce or discuss about culture in Indonesia and various aspects related to the culture itself that can not be separated from the soul of the nation Indonesia.

Before you read further about the contents of this blog, I need to apologize if my grammar is not perfect.

The author's purpose of this blog is to introduce the diversity of cultures in Indonesia and perhaps you will be interested to know much more about us then through a blog is where you can communicate and ask about culture in Indonesia.

Such is a brief introduction about myself and my blog. Hopefully this blog can provide benefits for us all. Please interact with us and other readers through the comments field.

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